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A Post-Pandemic Church & the Body of Christ | Bishop Gerald Matthias & Fr Nguyen Hai Tinh SJ

Members of the Office of Theological Concerns of the FABC, Bishop Gerald Matthias, a moral theologian, and Fr Nguyen Hai Tinh SJ, teacher of dogmatic theology at the Catholic Institute of Vietnam, presented ‘A post-pandemic Church and the Body of Christ’. Speaking about the setbacks the pandemic caused, and more importantly, the opportunities it provided, Bishop Matthias elucidated how the body of Christ - the Church - has suffered, but healing could emerge. Fr Tinh explained how the pandemic revealed that the Church is vulnerable to pain, suffering and change, but is a Church of Paschal mystery and Synodality; moving towards healing and togetherness. Bishop Matthias also presented new pastoral pathways revealed by the pandemic - programs of dialogue, formation, digital evangelisation, ecological conservation, and reviving the liturgy to be personal to each person.

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