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Laudato Si’ - A Call for Responsible Stewardship | Bishop Allwyn D’Silva

Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, former head of the Climate Change Desk of FABC presented on the topic ‘Laudato Si’: A Call for Responsible Stewardship’. Requesting everyone to join in the canticle of creation, Bishop D’Silva led his listeners on a reflection of the encyclical. Emphasizing how the earth is a common home to all, and that the readings of Genesis impart that we are stewards of the earth, meant to safeguard it, Bishop D’Silva repeated Ms Riddhima Pandey’s statement, asking, ‘what kind of world are we leaving for the next generation?’. He also demonstrated how Laudato Si’ was deeply connected with the social teachings of the Church, concluding by asking the representatives to dream of an Asia that has involved Christian communities, that upholds rights of the poor and preserves local culture and natural beauty.


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