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Reflection on Prædicate Evangelium - Msgr Joseph Sayer & Oswald Cardinal Gracias

Professor Doctor Josef Sayer, Director of Misereor from 1997 to 2012 and member of the FABC 50 Organising Committee, reflecting on Prædicate Evangelium and the opportunities for new forms of leadership and governance for the Church in Asia, provided a comprehensive explanation of the Prædicate Evangelium, using four central points: the preamble, principles, general norms and dicasteries. With emphasis on the Holy Father’s reformations, the paradigm shifts, the importance of participation of all, and the application of the dicasteries, Monsignor Sayer outlined the points of the document that were especially relevant to the Asian Church, and concluded with questions on the application of the document for reflection. The session was followed by a plenary conversation with Monsignor Sayer and H.E. Cardinal Gracias.

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