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Visiting Asia - Day 3


The third day of the FABC General Conference, 15th October 2022, began with a celebration of the Eucharist by H.E. Joseph Cardinal Coutts. Noting the importance of listening to each other as minorities, Cardinal Coutts reminded each one to give thanks, have hope, and follow the call to holiness from the heart.

At St Michael’s Hall, H.E. Francis Xavier Cardinal Kriengsak Kovithavanij, Archbishop of Bangkok and President for the day’s sessions, led the representatives in the Adsumus. Reflecting on Cardinal Coutt’s homily, Cardinal Kriengsak emphasised the importance of evangelising through both word and deed, and bringing the Gospel into daily life. Reassuring his listeners that Jesus was among them, he welcomed all to the third day.

The morning prayer, hosted by the country of Pakistan, was conducted by the Daughters of St Paul, who led the representatives in song and reflection, through video.

The Conference continued with the segment ‘Visiting Asia’, with reports on the emerging realities from the countries of Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar and Hong Kong. The representatives of each country added context to the history, successes and challenges their people faced, seeking understanding and providing listening ears. The delegates reformed their groups for the workshop discussions, at the end of which they collated data for collection.

Most Reverend Oscar Azarcón Solis, representative of the USCCB, shared a message from its President; commending the efforts of the FABC and his wishes for a fruitful Conference. Reverend Solis provided an overview of the Church in the US, noted the shared aspirations and, reassuring the representatives of the USCCB’s communion with the FABC, wished the gathered representatives a success in their endeavours.

Catholic Safeguarding Institute’s Doctor Gabriel Dy-Liacco, President, and Monsignor Ramon Masculino Junior, Ecclesial Relations Director and Safeguarding Spirituality Specialist, shone a light on the Institute’s work and mission, and its importance in the current scenario, urging the representatives to take definite action in their home countries.

Fr Clarence Devadass presented a synthesis of the group responses to the country reports, collating them into four major categories; joys, concerns, what the Church’s response has been, and what changes the FABC can bring about.

The third and final day of the segment ‘Visiting Asia’ concluded with H.E. Cardinal Kriengsak leading the evening prayer.

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